Our Varnex site is currently under construction with an anticipated relaunch in April 2021; specific details and information will be shared over the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience, please reach out to varnex@synnex.com with any questions.

Why Varnex


In a world of constant changing and evolving technologies, no one company can know all that is needed to meet the demands of all businesses' IT needs until now. With the resources and expertise of an elite network of IT Professional Solutions-focused providers, new solutions can be recognized, and the most complex IT challenges can be solved.

We are 400+ IT Professional Solution Providers


In today’s marketplace, your competitive advantage is increasingly a technical one. While it’s more important than ever to keep current with technology, it’s also harder than ever to keep track.

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IT providers specializing in your industry know the vertical IT landscape and its product developments. They have the training, certifications and experience to assess your needs and match them to the design, installation, and support of the right software and hardware.

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Local, trusted IT providers, install, support, and update your core business apps and storage networking infrastructure. But as members of the Varnex network, they are also your source for IT application needs beyond their core expertise and region.

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Members of the Varnex network have access to technical expertise that is virtually unlimited. They can draw on thousands of IT professionals and technicians who can augment teams to meet spikes in IT needs at all levels.

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