Discover New Technology Advantages for Your Business


IT providers specializing in your industry know the vertical IT landscape and its product developments. They have the training, certifications and experience to assess your needs and match them to the design, installation, and support of the right software and hardware.

But there are always new developments in B2B technology, in more disciplines than any one consultancy can practice. There are specialists in horizontally applied technologies, like telecom, Internet of Things (IoT), or digital signage, whose services local IT providers can call upon for the benefit of your business.

With pooled expertise, the partner services of the Varnex network can fulfill all your IT needs — the ones you know about and the ones we bring to your attention. Equally important, the Varnex network has among them the experience and the manpower to put these new tools and tech to work in record time. They can order them up with one phone call and at a fixed rate, giving you final costs up-front.

Cloud Migration

A cloud migration Varnex partner enables you to get more out of your servers by:

  • Building a private cloud; i.e., a setup that creates “virtual machines” on demand to apportion more compute power or storage to whichever applications are most in demand at the time, reallocating those resources when demand peaks for others
  • Offloading your server needs to an offsite public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure or Google
  • Creating the increasingly popular hybrid cloud; apportioning application workloads to both private and public clouds, as needs arise

Mobility Focused

A mobility-focused Varnex partner can help you:

  • Give your employees back-room tools and information while they roam the selling floor, the airport, or the sales and service territory
  • Choose the best combination of device, carrier, applications, and management system, securing mobile devices against virus attack or theft of data when lost or stolen
  • When employees use their own devices, they can wall off employees’ business use from personal use, and associated charges

Big Data

A Big Data/ business intelligence Varnex partner can:

  • Identify and capture the data that helps you fine-tune your business, whether generated by online clicks, POS systems, social media posts, temperature/ humidity/pressure sensors, medical diagnostic devices, video cameras, or in-vehicle sensors
  • Turn the data into actionable insights
  • Choose and configure the right BI platforms to present the data in a form and in time to effect positive change (in customer offers, for example)

Telecom Focused

A telecom-focused Varnex partner can:

  • Enable you to drop the cost of separate phone lines in each store by consolidating on one hosted IP voice system that runs through your broadband connection
  • Allow you to make your employees’ extensions as mobile as their email addresses
  • Provide the expertise of one employee (such as bilingual customer service) across multiple physical stores
  • Migrate your entire switching system to a managed service provider, disaster-proofing your business’s phone presence
  • Introduce travel-saving collaboration and videoconferencing tools

Internet of Things

An Internet-of-Things Varnex partner can:

  • Line your retail shelves with sensors that keep inventory current in real time, knowing when each product is added or removed from the shelf. This tells you where in your store a certain product moves fastest, or when items are “lifted” without being paid for.

Digital Signage

A digital signage Varnex partner can:

  • Build you an in-store advertising system, with browser-based controls. Now you can change menu items (or their prices) in 13 restaurant outlets with two mouse clicks
  • Install a wayfinding system that guides visitors through malls/hospitals/airports

The Varnex network’s range of technologies include:

  • Private, public and hybrid cloud
  • Industry-standard, mid-range business-critical servers and storage
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Compliance assessment in regulated industries
  • Network implementations from core to edge
  • Wireless networking
  • Wireless-network failover
  • WAN optimization, load balancing
  • Server virtualization from VMware
    • Microsoft Hyper-V
    • Red Hat Enterprise
  • Desktop virtualization through Red Hat Enterprise
    • VMware
    • Citrix
  • Microsoft implementations including
    • Office 365 migrations
    • Active Directory
    • Exchange (multi-platform migrations)
    • SharePoint
  • Unified communications, videoconferencing
  • Pro-audio/visual, video walls
  • Digital signage, CMS-networked display
  • In-vehicle systems
  • Open-source development and implementation – from proof-of-concept to production
  • Video surveillance
  • Business analytics/Big Data
  • RFID, beacons, location tracking
  • Machine-to-machine systems
  • Physical security, ID systems
  • On-premises security/firewalls/IDS

Varnex’s range of managed (outsourced and/or remotely administered) services include:

  • Asset recycling/data destruction
  • Monitoring and help desk
  • Compliance
  • Network security
  • Mobile-device management
  • Printing
  • Training
  • Hosted applications, email, unified communications

The Varnex network can take on or assist with any aspect of a technical project, dispatching help at the right level of expertise and cost.

  • Professional site survey reporting
  • Needs assessment and design services
  • Dedicated project management
  • Nationwide installation and configuration troubleshooting
  • Remote monitoring and help desk support
  • Cable pulling
  • Asset tagging
  • Consultation and training