Access to Technical Expertise is Virtually Unlimited


A ready store of proven technology expertise

Members of the Varnex network have access to technical expertise that is virtually unlimited. They can draw on thousands of IT professionals and technicians who can augment teams to meet spikes in IT needs at all levels. Varnex’ scalable workforce is ideal for project-based, cyclical, and start-up periods that require far more hands than usual, but only for a limited number of days, weeks, or months. Technology crises often see the same workforce demands, and they’re able to scale resources up quickly to meet mission-critical needs.

A breathing space for tight timeframes

With access to a Varnex scalable workforce, you can squeeze large projects into tight deadlines; for example, you can outfit multiple school campuses with hundreds of Chromebooks, configured and charged, during a three-day vacation, under your local IT professional’s supervision.

Members of Varnex can help keep your costs down and predictable by assigning the more routine but essential cabling and racking tasks to less-expensive contracted help. They will provide references and background checks for all contingency workers upon request.

A workforce in every state

Varnex members have access to a scalable workforce that provides pre-vetted, qualified help for installations — routers, security cameras, IoT gateways, POS systems, digital displays — in nationwide chains, while assuring you of quality workmanship.

An authorized/certified installer/administrator/repairer for every product

Varnex’ scalable workforce enables IT providers to draw on the technical certifications of fellow members, meeting the installation and maintenance requirements of a broader range of products through the temporary hire and exchange of peers’ authorized service contractors.

A networked route to governmental bidding and funding programs

Through the Varnex network, partner members can also help schools and libraries gain access to government bidding and purchasing programs, such as GSA, NASPO ValuePoint, MHEC, PEPPM, and NCPA, and knowledge to obtain funding through E-Rate and federal grant programs.

Finally, membership in the Varnex network is a recognition of longstanding, trusted customer relationships — the first requirement of participation. It also reflects the good standing among manufacturers and peers