In Today’s Marketplace, Your Competitive Advantage is Increasingly a Technical One


In today’s marketplace, your competitive advantage is increasingly a technical one. While it’s more important than ever to keep current with technology, it’s also harder than ever to keep track. New products and services fill the pages of the daily business press and the landscape as a whole seems to shift from month to month. You need a trusted, local IT provider to sift through the avalanche of information and, frankly, hype; to screen out everything except the innovations that answer your particular business challenges.

That’s the job of our Varnex IT Professional members. Engineers and technicians stay on top of trends in your vertical industry. They help you choose the right combination of manufacturers or service providers, determine when a cloud implementation makes more sense than an on-site server, and right-size your purchase of many different technologies.

At the same time, no one IT organization can keep up with the expanding and contracting universe of applications across all verticals, or fill the training and certification requirements of all major IT software and hardware manufacturers. That’s where the Varnex network comes in.

As a Varnex network member, they can extend their own range of expertise, through partnership with other network members — top performers in dynamic IT fields. They can draw on a pool of over 450+ IT providers across the U.S. and Canada, with a range of specializations, manpower, and geographies to suit every IT need in every industry.

Under the Varnex umbrella, the community is a $1 billion network of independently owned and operated IT providers who leverage their pooled buying and negotiating power with manufacturers that are also part of the network. They also share a distribution network that not only reduces hardware costs, it ensures the quickest possible shipping times, best customer care, and the most logistical flexibility.

Varnex’s strength is in its IT diversity, combined buying clout, and coast-to-coast coverage. Within this network, you can find answers to all the IT needs you bring to your local trusted provider. You can also profit from the opportunities for advantage they can bring to you.

Over 450+ IT Professional Solution Providers

Over 450+ IT Professional Solution Providers